About Us

We have been involved in various aspects of the coatings and refinishing business since 1887. Starting out formulating coatings for buildings and industry we branched out into vehicle refinishing.

We have been approved by both vehicle manufacturers and Insurance companies to repair and refinish road going vehicles. Over the years we have built up a vast knowledge of vehicle paints and coatings.

After a repair was completed we often get asked for a small amount of paint so the customer could touch up and stone chips or marks that they would acquire over time. In an effort to answer this request we came up with a very easy to use product.

Our Touch up paints are formulated In House to exacting standards and we are able to offer very easy to use touch up paints that match exceptionally well and that do not require the use of a seperate lacquer.

If you have a colour query or a paint problem please do not hesitate to ask
Looking forward to doing business with you